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Keynote Speaker

  • Nicholas Turner (The University of Manchester, UK)
    New Biocatalysts by Design and Evolution

Invited Speaker

    • Uwe Bornscheuer (University of Greifswald, Germany)
      Protein Engineering and Enzyme Cascade Reactions
    • Harald Gröger (University of Bielefeld, Germany)
      Combination of the two “worlds” chemo- and biocatalysis towards multi-step one-pot processes
    • Mélanie Hall (University of Graz, Austria)
      The Quest for γ-Lactamases: From Vince Lactam to Monocyclic Lactams
    • Greg Hughes (Codexis, Inc., USA)
      Engineering of a Novel Enzyme for the Production of Chiral Secondary and Tertiary Amines
    • Yong Hwan Kim (Kwangwoon University, Korea)
      Enzyme catalyzed electrochemical conversion of CO2 to formate
    • Wolfgang Kroutil (University of Graz, Austria)
      Biocatalytic systems involving (chiral) amines
    • Stefan Lutz (Emory University, USA)
      Engineered biocatalysts: exploring and exploiting flavoenzymes
    • Joelle Pelletier (University of Montreal, Canada)
      Enzymes in medical biosensing using a portable Surface Plasmon Resonance platform
    • Anett Schallmey (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
      Steroid-hydroxylating cytochrome P450 monooxygenase CYP154C5 from Nocardia farcinica
    • John Wong (Pfizer, Inc., USA)
      Development of a Concise, Asymmetric Synthesis of a Smoothened Receptor Inhibitor via Enzymatic Transamination of a 4-Piperidinone with Dynamic Kinetic Resolution
    • Huimin Yu (Tsinghua University, China)
      Stability intensification of multimeric enzymes by terminal salt-bridge strategy
  • Shuji Akai (Osaka University, Japan)
    Dynamic Kinetic Resolution of Alcohols by Lipase-Vanadium Combo Catalysis: A New Efficient Method for Producing Optically Active Compounds
  • Tadashi Ema (Okayama University, Japan)
    Altered lipase acting as a more useful biocatalyst
  • Yukishige Ito (RIKEN, Japan)
    ER Glucosyltransferase: Synthetic Chemistry’s Initiative in Glycobiology
  • Tomoko Matsui (Novozymes Japan Ltd., Japan)
    Thermostable Enzyme Development at Novozymes
  • Kenji Miyamoto (Keio University, Japan)
    Enzyme engineering of a bacterial decarboxylase for the production of fine chemicals
  • Kiriko Murakami (Neo-Morgan Laboratory Incorporated, Japan)
    Improvement of industrial microorganisms using Disparity mutagenesis technology
  • Toru Nakayama (Tohoku University, Japan)
    Engineering catalytic efficiencies and pH optima of archaeal carboxylesterases
  • Osami Shoji (Nagoya University, Japan)
    Hydroxylation of non-native substrates by wild-type cytochrome P450s assisted by decoy molecules
  • Shunichi Suzuki (Ajinomoto Co., Inc., Japan)
    Synthesis of γ-glutamyl peptide as a kokumi substance
  • Yoshihiko Yasohara (Kaneka  Corporation, Japan)
    Synthesis of useful chiral alcohols using a mutant carbonyl reductase enzyme